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Below is a selective list of math journals that SIBL subscribes to, in print and/or electronic forms. All of the following are also indexed in MathSciNet (available on-site at SIBL). SIBL subscribes to English and foreign language journals in general and specific areas of mathematics. Check CATNYP under the subject heading “Mathematical—Periodicals” for a comprehensive listing.

American journal of mathematics. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University. *ZAN-V1225, 1878-2000. JSN 01-8, 2001- Present. Also online via JSTOR (1878-1995) and Project Muse (1996-Present). Presents pioneering work in applied and pure mathematics.

The American mathematical monthly. *ZAN-V1034 (Microfilm 1894-2000) JBM 01-530 (2001-Present). Online via JSTOR. Expository and survey articles featuring a problems section, book reviews, and summaries of software.

The college mathematics journal. Washington, D.C.: Mathematical Association of America. Online via JSTOR, except last 5 years. Articles on mathematics, curriculum and pedagogy, problems and solutions, classroom notes, and a section on computers.

IMA journal of applied mathematics. London; New York: Academic Press. JSP 83-32. Articles provide analytical and numerical treatments of all areas of applied mathematical problems, including those arising from industry.

IMA journal of mathematical control and information. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press. JSP 91-288. Articles on mathematical control theory, system theory and applied information sciences.

IMA journal of numerical analysis. London; New York: Academic Press. JSP 83-33. Articles that treat the theory, development or use of practical algorithms and interactions between these aspects.

Mathematics magazine. Washington, Mathematical Association of America. JSM 94-464. Online via JSTOR, except last 5 years. Articles, mathematical problems, and book reviews focusing on history and contemporary applications.

The Quarterly journal of mechanics and applied mathematics. Oxford, Clarendon Press. JSL 03-12. Publishes original research articles in application of math to fluid and solid mechanics, classical electromagnetism, nonlinear dynamics and combined fields such as magnetohydro-numerical methods.