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Acoustics in General | Acoustics Standards | Professional Societies in Acoustics | Noise Control | Acoustics Journals on the Internet

Acoustics in General
Emphasizes science of acoustics: ackground information, consultants, standards, employment in acoustics, covers science of the whole field of acoustics
Emphasizes acoustics in buildings: background theory, case studies of typical rooms, specifications and standards, consultants

The Sound of Life (Internet audio)
An eight-program radio series by the BBC and the Open University on the sounds of the natural world, the acoustics of hearing in different animals, sound in nature, noise pollution and sound in the future. Originally broadcast in 2004 and available over the Internet using RealAudio software, the programs feature interviews with experts and stereo recordings of many birds, insects and mammals.

Acoustics Standards

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
American National Standards Institute (ANSI) technical input to ANSI acoustics and noise standards is provided by the Acoustical Society of America, who sell all ANSI (and ISO) standards

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standards
Print editions of current standards are held on the open reference shelves in the reading room at SIBL. The Subject Index in Volume 1 lists specs, testing methods and practices under “acoustic, acoustical, noise”… etc *R - TA401.A653.
The ASTM web site shows you the scope of each standard for free and lets you buy electronic versions.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
Full text of more than 100 international noise standards available for purchase online; technical committee TC43 works on acoustics and noise, technical committee TC108 studies human effects of mechanical vibration and shock.
ISO standards are also available from the Acoustical Society of America: ISO standards are also available from the Acoustical Society of America:

Professional Societies in Acoustics

The Acoustical Society of America
Professional society, education directory, local chapters, acoustic standards, conferences

Institute of Noise Control Engineers
Professional society, holds national and international conferences

Noise Control

Noise Control Act of 1972

U. S. Environmental Protection Agency
History of Noise Control Act, 1972-1979

Occupational Safety & Health Administration, U.S. Department of Labor
Information on hearing and health effects of noise, OSHA standards, OSHA directives

Federal Highway Administration. U.S. Department of Transport
Highway Traffic Noise in the United States, Problem and Response, April 2000

Noise Pollution Clearinghouse
Collects information for campaigners including full text of city and federal regulations

World Health Organization Guidelines for Community Noise (1999)

Acoustics Journals on the Internet

Acoustics Research Letters Online
Free online letters journal of the Acoustical Society of America, all areas of acoustics research, full-text papers in PDF format [SIBL has print issues 1977-89]

Acoustical Science and Technology (online)
Free online journal of the Acoustical Society of Japan, full-text PDF papers in English [SIBL also has print edition of The Journal of Acoustical Sociey of Japan (E), 1980-94]

Environmental Health Perspectives
Free online journal published by National Institute of Health and other public agencies

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