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Unless otherwise specified, all of the call numbers refer to items which can be retrieved on the Lower Level of the Science, Industry and Business Library. (*R precedes Library of Congress call numbers, which are on items on the Open Reference Shelves of the Lower Level or at the McGraw Desk).

The New York Public Library, as a partial United Nations depository library, receives UN documents in a variety of formats. Please consult the indexes before trying to locate the text.

Basic Reference

Title Call Number
Basic Facts about the United Nations *R JX 1977.A37.B3
About the United Nations (Includes: Charter of the U.N.; Universal Declaration of Human Rights; etc.)
United Nations Scholar (Probably the best site for texts, finding aids, data sets, maps, and links to other pertinent sites)
Encyclopedia of the United Nations and International Relations *R JX 1977.08213
Yearbook of the United Nations (Chronological description of U.N. activities) *R JX 1977.A1Y3
U.N. Chronicle JLM 77-1117 (1975-76, 2001)
*ZAN-T4745 (1977-2000)
Permanent Missions to the United Nations *R JX 1977.A223 (McGraw Desk)
Nations on Record: U.N. General Assembly roll-call vote (1946-1986; 4 vols.) (Voting records) *R JX 1977.8.V6.N38
Voting Practices in the United Nations (ten "key" General Assembly issues related to United States interest) JBL 92-2001 (1991) and GPO Microfiche
Resolutions and Decisions adopted by the General Assembly (Press Release) (Voting records are also included) *R JX 1977.A4


Title Call Number
United Nations Documents Index *R JX 1977.8.U6E5 (1950-1973)
United Nations Documents Index (1998-) *R JX 1977.8.U10
UNDEX Series A *R JX 1977.8.U42A (1970-1978)
UNDEX Series B *R JX 1977.8.U42B (1970-1978)
UNDEX Series C *R JX1977.8.U42C (1974/77-1978)
UNDOC *R JX 1977.8.U9 (1979-1996);
*XLF-400 (1984-1994; annual cumulation on microfiche)
United Nations Publications Catalogue *R JX 1977.82.C7 (Latest ed. McGraw Desk)
Index to United Nations Documents(READEX) (1946-)
Access points:
Subject, Session, Author, Title, Text, Document Date, Document number, UN Sales number, Document Type, Date of Meeting, Country.
Full Text contents:
General Assembly Resolutions: 1977-1996
Security Council Resolutions: 1946-1996
Economic and Social Council Resolutions: 1982-1992 (Electronic Information Center)
Full Text contents:
General Assembly Resolutions: 1977-recent
Security Council Resolutions: 1946-recent
Economic and Social Council Resolutions: 1982-recent
(Beginning to include "sessional" documents)

Specific Indexes

Title Call Number
Index to Resolutions of the General Assembly: 1946-1970 *R JX 1977.A2
Index to Resolutions of the Security Council: 1946-1991 *R JX 1977.A223
Index to Proceedings of the General Assembly: 1986/87- *R JX 1977.A44
Index to Proceedings of the Security Council: 1988- *R JX 1977.A5
Index to Proceedings of the Economic and Social Council: 1990- *R JX 1977.A2


United Nations Treaty Series ("Collection of Treaties and International Agreements registered or filed and recorded with and published by the Secretariat since 1946")
Volume 1: *XLF-396 (1946-47)
Volumes 2-1754: JBL 96-19 (1947-)
Volumes 1793-: *R JX 170.U35 (last five years)
Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary General (Information on status of multilateral instruments deposited with the Secretary General) *R JX 171.U372a (latest);
JBM 96-369 (1993-)
Both of the above titles are available to paid subscribers at
World Treaty Index *R JX 171.R63 (1900-1980)

Selected Statistical Sources

Title Call Number
Statistical Yearbook of the United Nations *R HA 12.5.U63 (latest)
Demographic Yearbook *R HA 17.D45 (latest)
Energy Statistics Yearbook *R HD 9502.A1Y42 (latest)
International Trade Statistics Yearbook *R HF 91.U473 (latest)
Industrial Commodity Statistics Yearbook *R HC 10.I59 (latest)
Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific *R HA 1665.S73 (latest)
Statistical Yearbook for Latin America & the Caribbean *R HA 751.A58 (latest)
Trends in Europe and North America *R HA 1107.T746 (latest)
World Trade Annual *R HF 53.W6 (latest)

United Nations Documents

United Nations documents in SIBL's collection are found in two large groups: a print collection arranged by Sales publication numbers and a microfiche collection arranged by UN Document symbols.

Sales number publications are available for sale and are divided into categories. For example:
Sales number I contains General Information (Reference)
Sales number IIA covers Business, Economics
Sales number IIC covers World Economy
Sales number V covers International Law
Sales number XVII covers International BusinessA typical sales number would be listed as E.87.XIII.4 where the E stands for English (the language of publication), 87 is the publication year, XIII is the sales category and 4 is the number within the category

If the sales number is not known and needs to be identified, check:

  • United Nations Publications Catalogue *R JX 1977.82.C7 (Latest ed. at McGraw Desk)
  • UN-I-QUE (
  • Index to United Nations Documents (Readex Database in the Electronic Information Center)
NYPL has kept together this material for the period 1947-1992 in XFB (United Nations. Publications. Sales)

To request an item falling in this period give the call number as: XFB
author: United Nations
title: Publications. Sales.
date/vol: E87.XIII.4

Beginning with 1993 each sales publication has been separately cataloged. Check CATNYP

United Nations materials on microfiche are usually either legislative or administrative in nature and are arranged by a series of letters and numbers that identify the issuing body ( a "document symbol").

Elements of the five principal United Nations organs, for example, are:
A/- General Assembly
E/- Economic and Social Council
S/- Security Council
T/- Trusteeship Council
ST/- Secretariat A typical document symbol item, for example, would be listed as A/51/1379, where A stands for General Assembly, 51 is the Session of the Assembly and 1379 is the specific document number

To find documents symbols, use indexes listed above.

To request this type of U.N. document give Readex U.N. Microfiche as the call number and list the item being request as A/51/1379.
Provide Readex Year for 1947-1980 period.
1947-1980 is filed by Readex Year (Alphanumeric system within year).
1981- is filed in a continuous alphanumeric sequence.

Web Sites

United Nations
Daily highlights of UN activities and press releases; General Assembly and Security Council documents and resolutions; access to other UN and related gophers.

UN System Pathfinder
Tool to aid in the identification of major publications printed and electronic of the organizations of the United Nations system. It attempts to cover the full spectrum of United Nations system activities but focuses primarily on current issues.