Science, Industry and Business Library (SIBL)

Government Information

Government information in all formats and at all levels (Federal, State, Local, International Organizations and Countries) is available at or through the Science, Industry and Business Library (SIBL):

The New York Public Library has been a United States Federal Government depository since 1884.

New York State:
The New York Public Library has been a New York State Government depository since 1956.

Other State and Local Jurisdictions:
Electronic access to State Legislative materials is available through the State Capital Universe [Lexis/Nexis State Capital] database, available at SIBL and the other Research Libraries. Selective holdings of older State Legislative materials are currently the responsibility of the General Research Division at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building. SIBL has a strong collection in labor and other economic data, in addition to Statistical Reference Index (1988- ) Microfiche (also available through Statistical Universe [Lexis/Nexis Statistica] database, 1973- ) and Current Urban Documents (1972- ) Microfiche.

New York City:
SIBL has an uneven but wide-ranging collection of New York City Government information.

International Organizations:
- United Nations: full depository since 1946; partial depository since 1995.
- European Union: depository since the mid 1950s.
- Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
- International Monetary Fund
- World Bank

Other Countries:
SIBL has substantial holdings for financial, labor, economic and general statistical material, including Central Bank publications. Holdings for legislative materials are uneven and are currently the responsibility of the General Research Division at the Humanities and Social Sciences Library.

This site describes how to locate government resources in print and electronic formats at SIBL and provides links to government information on the World Wide Web. See the Site Map.

If you have questions about the government resources available at SIBL, please consult with a librarian at the McGraw desk located in the Lower Level of the library or call our telephone reference service (212) 592-7000 for assistance.

E. D'Onofrio
Revised: KJ, March 2009