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Location (Text) - Unpublished Hearings

Unless otherwise specified, call numbers refer to items which can be requested and retrieved from the B. Altman Delivery Desk on the Lower Level of the Science, Industry and Business Library. (Where *R-SIBL precedes Library of Congress call numbers, these items are on the Open Reference Shelves on the Lower Level or at the McGraw Desk). To verify the current location, and availability status, of a particular title, click on the Call Number for that title to view its entry in the CATNYP Catalog.

The New York Public Library, as a federal depository library, receives United States Congressional Hearings in a variety of formats. Please consult the indexes before trying to locate the text.

Electronic Availability of Congressional Hearings

Congressional Universe [Lexis/Nexis Congressional]: In addition to the resources referred to below, Indexing and Full Text for Congressional Hearings (Lexis/Nexis Congressional Digital Hearings Collection 1824 - [NB: In Progress] ask a librarian for help using this resource) is available through the Congressional Universe [Lexis/Nexis Congressional] Database, available at most public computers in SIBL and at select computers in the other Research Libraries. Speak to a reference librarian for instruction and assistance with this database.

CATNYP - the Catalog of the Research Libraries of the New York Public Library: The Research Library catalog, CATNYP, includes bibliographic information for and links to official PDF full-text versions of a substantial number of Congressional documents, including Congressional Hearings, starting with those published in the early 2000s. In addition CATNYP contains bibliographic information for many of the Congressional Hearings published in the 1990s.

Government Websites: Beginning with 1995 (Congress 104:1) full text of Congressional Hearings is available from several government websites: Check GPO Access - Congressional Hearings or Thomas - Selected Committee Hearings or House of Representatives Committee Hearings.


Title Call Number
CIS U.S. Congressional Committee Hearings Index KF 40.C56 (1833-1969)
CIS Annual KF 49.C5726 (1970-)
Congressional Index *R-SIBL KF 49.C6 (latest);
JBL 93-201 (1945/46-)
American Statistics Index *R-SIBL Z 7554.U5.A46 (Monthly paper supplements);
JLM 73-741 (1973-) (Annual Cumulations)
*XLF-440 (1986-) Microfiche collection of depository and non-depository reports abstracted and indexed in ASI
Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications *R-SIBL Z 1223.U58M (1893/95-)
Monthly Catalog (SilverPlatter) Database (Available at SIBL) (July 1976-)
Monthly Catalog on the World Wide Web Monthly Catalog (July 1976-)
Index of Congressional Committee Hearings through 1934 JBE 04-186
Cumulative Index of Congressional Committee Hearings *R-Econ. Z 1223.A3 1959 (1935-)
Supplemental index to congressional committee hearings : January 1949 to January 1955, 81st, 82d, and 83d congresses *R-SIBL KF 40 .U532
Cumulative Index of Congressional Committee Hearings. Supplement *R-Econ. Z 1223.A3 (1963-67, 1971-)
CIS Index to unpublished U.S. House of Representatives committee hearings KF 40.C54 (1833-1968)
CIS Index to unpublished U.S. Senate committee hearings KF 40.C55 (1823-1980)

Location (Text in print and/or microform) - Published Hearings

Dates Call Number
1833-1970 (23rd-91st Congress) *XLF-413 microfiche (need CIS Index accession Number)
Until the mid-1970s many were individually cataloged. Check G.K.Hall Catalog Of Government Publications and/or CATNYP
1978-1981 (95:2-97:1) *XLF-423 microfiche (need CIS Index accession Number)
Early 1980s - Government Printing Office (GPO) microfiche (need Government Superintendent of Documents Number)
1956-1990 (84:2-101) Readex Microprint/Microfiche (need Monthly Catalog accession Number)
1991- (102:1-) Readex Microfiche (need Government Superintendent of Documents Number)

Location (Text in microform) - Unpublished Hearings

House Hearings for 1833-1964, 1969-1972 in *XLF-471; (need CIS Index to unpublished House hearings accession Number)
Senate Hearings for 1823-1984 are in *XMF-1603 (need CIS Index to unpublished Senate hearings accession Number)

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