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Unless otherwise specified, all of the call numbers refer to items which can be retrieved on the Lower Level of the Science, Industry and Business Library. (*R precedes Library of Congress call numbers, which are on items on the Open Reference Shelves of the Lower Level or at the McGraw Desk).

The following guide lists New York City statistical, legislative and judicial documents. The index can be used for most cities in the United States.


Title Call Number
Index to Current Urban Documents • *R Z 7165.U5I654 (Latest)
• JLM 87-1599 (July/Oct. 1972- )
• Microfiche in *XLE-372 (1984/85-)

Statistical Documents

Title Call Number
FYI : a comprehensive guide to statistical sources for the New York City Metropolitan Area : 1997 *R F 128.18 .F96 (McGraw Desk)
The Green book : official directory of the city of New York • *R JS 1222 (McGraw Desk)
• JLK 84-41 (1984/85- )
• *SAM (New York (City). City Record Office. Official directory) 1918-1983/84. (Incomplete)
New York, NY. Adopted budget *R HJ 9289 .A5 (Latest)
JBM 90-1039 (Fiscal year 1979- )
New York (N.Y.). Mayor. Executive budget, fiscal year ... expense, revenue, contract *R HJ 9289.B8.B6 (Latest)
JBM 92-266 1991-
The Mayor's Management Report *R JS 1234.A1M38 (Latest)
JLM 82-576 Aug. 1977-
Comprehensive annual financial report of the Comptroller for the fiscal year ended ... / The City of New York. *R HJ 9013.N5.D1 (Latest)
JLM 84-1279 1982/83-
Community District Needs / The City of New York, Office of Management and Budget, Department of City Planning *R HC 108.N5C (Latest)
JLM 86-1001 (1987- )
Socioeconomic Profiles : a portrait of New York City's community districts from the 1980 & 1990 censuses of population and housing. *R HC 108 .N5.C9 .S624
Demographic Profiles : a portrait of New York City's community districts from the 1980 & 1990 censuses of population and housing. *R HC 108 .N5 .D45
New York (City). Police Dept. Crime Analysis Section. Statistical report: Complaints and arrests. JLM 80-898
Annual Report on Social Indicators *R HC 108.N5.S62 (Latest)
JBM 92-233 (1990-)

Legislative Documents

Title Call Number
The City Record (microform) *ZAN-T5457 (Oct. 1909-)
*SYA (New York (City). City Record Office. City record) (1873-Sept. 1909)
New York (N.Y.). City Council. Calendar [microform] JBM 93-1235 (1938-1954, 1959-)
*ZAN-T1891 (1955-1958)
Council Digest / City of New York *R KFX 2002.N48 (Latest year-end cumulation)
JBL 91-28 (Jan. 3 to Apr. 17, 1990- )
New York (N.Y.). City Council. Proceedings JBM 98-64 (1898-1901, 1938-)

Laws and Regulations

Title Call Number
New York legal advance service, Local Laws of the City of New York • *R KFX 2003 A1.N29 (Recent cumulative annual eds. and current bimonthly updates McGraw Desk)
• JBM 94-127 (1991- )
• *ZAN-B203 (1924-1984)
• *SYA (New York (City). Ordinances. Local laws of the City of New York) (1924-1968 incomplete)
New York City Legislative Annual *R KFX 2003 .A7L43 (Latest)
JBL 91-228 (1980- )
New York City Charter and Administrative Code • *R KFX 2003 .A1 (Latest)
• JBL 91-4 Library has: [Vol. 1-10], index (1987), Appendix to title 27, chapter 1, index (1989).
New York City Charter and Administrative Code ... amendments, complete with indices *R KFX 2003 .A1.N48 (Latest)
JBL 90-135 (1985- )
Official Compilation of the Rules of the City of New York *R KFX 2003 .A3

Web Sites

New York (City) Mayor
This is the Official New York City Web site. Directory of city agencies and key staff; Business Resources Guide; Contracting and Employment Opportunities; Guide to New York City Services; Zoning Resolutions

New York (City) City Council
Here is valuable information on New York City legislative process, with City Council agendas, committee hearings schedules and local laws (1995-).

The Public Advocate for the City of New York
Link to "Your Guide to City Government" for up-to-date listings of city agencies.

New York City Department of City Planning
The Population Division has 2000 Census data for New York City.