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Unless otherwise specified, all of the call numbers refer to items which can be retrieved on the Lower Level of the Science, Industry and Business Library. (*R precedes Library of Congress call numbers, which are on items on the Open Reference Shelves of the Lower Level or at the McGraw Desk).

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Title Call Number
Area Handbook Series See CATNYP; some titles here and others at the Humanities and Social Sciences Library at 42nd Street and 5th Avenue
Background Notes *R G 59.U512 and
Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments *R JF 37.C533 (Latest at McGraw Desk)
JBM 98-864 (1991-)
Guide to Official Publications of Foreign Countries *R Z 7164 .G7.G9464 (McGraw Desk)
Political Handbook of the World *R JF 37 .P6 (Latest ed. only)
World Factbook *R G 122.U56
Worldwide Government Directory, with International Organizations *R JF 37.L345 (Latest)

Web Sites

Foreign Governments
Purdue University's list of foreign governments; listed alphabetically by country name.

Foreign Governments
Northwestern University Library's links to foreign government Web sites.