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Unless otherwise specified, all of the call numbers refer to items which can be retrieved on the Lower Level of the Science, Industry and Business Library. (*R precedes Library of Congress call numbers, which are on items on the Open Reference Shelves of the Lower Level or at the McGraw Desk).

The New York Public Library has been a European Union depository since the mid-1950's. Please consult the indexes before trying to locate the text.

Indexes and Sources

Title Call Number
Directory of community legislation in force and other acts of the community institutions *R-SIBL KJE 920.5 D57 (Latest);
*XLE-396 (1985-) Microfiche;
JBM 91-620 (1984-1985)
Index to the Official journal of the European Communities *R-SIBL KJE 908.2 (1990-);
*XLE-395 (1977-) Microfiche;
JBM 91-841 (1978-1981)
Supplement to the Official journal of the European Communities: Annual alphabetical and methodological index [microform] *XLF-389 (1973-1977)

Location (Text)

Title Call Number
Debats; compte rendu in extenso de seances *ZAN-T2258 (No 1 mars 19, 1958 - No. 100 mars 11, 1968)
Journal officiel des Communautes europeenes. Debats du Parlement europeen *ZAN-T2258 (No 101 mars 1968 - no 159 mars 1973)
Official journal of the European Communities. Legislation [microform] *XLE-394 (1973, no. 1- Current)
Official journal of the European Communities. Information and notices [microform] *XLE-393 (1973, no. 1- Current)
Supplement to the Official journal of the European Communities. JBM 90-567 (Vol. 33, S10, Jan. 16, 1990 - )
Bulletin of the European Communities JBM 91-1046 (v. 1-26; 1968-1993 incomplete)
Bulletin of the European Union / Commission JBL 94-207 (1994 - )

Web Sites

European Union (EUROPA)
This is the official European Union site that provides information on its goals and policies, with up-to-date press releases, various "green" and "white" papers, treaties and other important documents. Links to European Union offices throughout the world, European Union member states and other European countries with Web sites.

European Union (Washington, DC, Office)
Site of the Delegation of the European Commission to the United States, with a profile of the European Union including basic facts and figures and a 36 pages overview with illustrations and graphs. Extensive information is available here on EU-US relations, information resources and legislation/documentation of EU affairs.

EUR-Lex - European Union Law
Access to legislation and proposed legislation, treaties, recent Official Journal issues, Euro conversion rates, and searchable recent case law.