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Alphabetical Searches: Allows you to search alphabetically. Hint: Do not use articles such as La, Los, Le, etc. Also, punctuation counts!

Composer: This field contains the author or authors of the music portion of the song.

Date: The dates are given as best as we can determine, based on copyright information provided, and occasionally additional research. These should be considered as general guidelines only. If you need an established date, it's best to do further research.

Decades: Browse here if you are looking for a chronological list of songs from a particular era. It is not an exhaustive list, but it's a place to start.

Fake Book: The simplest form of a song: Contains the melody line, with chord changes and lyrics, but without piano accompaniment, giving the player creative freedom.

First Line: The first line of the song. This can either be the first line of the first verse, or the first line of the chorus.

From the Production: Indicates the musical, television show or film the song is from. This does not necessarily mean that a songbook for the entire production exists in the collection. It may be just that one song.

Keyword Searches: Allows you to search using only portions of the title. This is great if you do not know the full title, but do know several words. This has nothing to do with the key of a song.

Language: This field informs the user of the printed language or languages used in a specific publication.

LEO Catalog: This is the catalog of circulating material for the entire New York Public Library. You can search here for items to check out from the Performing Arts Library, as well as any other branch.

Lyricist: This field contains the author or authors of the text portion of the song indexed.

Name: This field refers to a musical group, the last name of an artists or the last name of a composer for browsing purposes.

Real Book: An alternative to the Fake Book, a Real Book is professionally copied and checked for accuracy in melody, harmony and rhythms. Many of the songs are taken from the composers' own lead sheets or transcribed from their recordings. Real Books do not always include lyrics.

Song Index Number: This is the number the user will need to obtain a songbook from the Reference Desk. It might look like: Sondheim 4 or C57. A given song may have more than one Song Index Number if it appears in more than one songbook.

Subjects: Browse here if you are looking for an alphabetical list of songs on a particular subject. It is not an exhaustive list, but it's a place to start.

Title: The title of the song. If you see a note that says "Search under the following title", it means that the official version of the song is different than the one you typed. For example: Searching under "Forty-second street" will ask you to search under "42nd street". Hint: Punctuation matters.

Vocal Score: Contains all songs from a given show, including introductory material, interludes, etc. The songs are generally published in their original keys.