The Spanish-American War

Puerto Rico

General works
The War and its aftermath
Further research

General works

Brau, Salvador. Historia de Puerto Rico. Rio Piedras: Editorial Edil, 1978. [HPR 84-595] A history of Puerto Rico from the beginning of the Spanish colonization to the start of the U. S. occupation.

Díaz Soler, Luis M. Puerto Rico desde sus orígenes hasta el cese de la dominación española. Rio Piedras: Editorial de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, 1993. [HPR 95-4631] A history of Puerto Rico from pre-Columbian times to the transfer from Spanish to U. S. sovereignty. Each chapter is followed by a selective bibliography.

Ribes Tovar, Federico. Enciclopedia puertorriqueña ilustrada. The Puerto Rican heritage encyclopedia. San Juan: Plus Ultra Educational Publishers, 1970. [*R-HPR] Volume 1 has a section on the Spanish-American War in Puerto Rico. In English and Spanish.

Figueroa, Loida. Breve historia de Puerto Rico (Desde el crepúsculo del dominio español hasta la antesala de la Ley Foraker) C. 1892-1900, segunda parte. Rio Piedras: Editorial Edil, 1977. [HPR 77-2612] Deals in detail with the last six years of Spanish rule in Puerto Rico and the two years of military government under U. S. rule. A select bibliography identifies a variety of sources related to this period in Puerto Rican history, and the appendix includes the text of some important documents.

La gran enciclopedia de Puerto Rico.14 vols. Madrid: Ediciones R, 1976. [*R-HPR+ 78-247] Volume 2 of this encyclopedia deals exclusively with the history of Puerto Rico.

Morales Carrión, Arturo. Puerto Rico: a political and cultural history. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 1983. [*R-HPR 91-7439 and HPR 86-229] Written by some of the most important historians in Puerto Rico. Contains pictures and, in addition to the informative authors' notes, a list of suggested readings.

Negroni, Héctor Andrés. Historia militar de Puerto Rico. San Juan: Comisión Puertorriqueña para la Celebración del Quinto Centenario, 1992. [HPR 93-13090] This military history of Puerto Rico contains a chapter exclusively dedicated to the Spanish-American War. It discusses the precedents and causes of the conflict, and describes the military strength and strategies of the parts involved.

Silvestrini, Blanca G., and María D. Luque de Sánchez. Historia de Puerto Rico: trayectoria de un pueblo. San Juan: Cultural Puertorriqueña, Inc., 1987. [HPR 88-1056] Sections of this general history deal with the Spanish-American War in Puerto Rico as well as other related issues. Provides a list of suggested readings on the topic.

Wagenheim, Kal. Puerto Rico: a profile. New York: Praeger Publishers, 1970. [HPR 72-820] Deals with various dimensions of Puerto Rican life including its history. Offers a brief discussion of the Spanish-American conflict in Puerto Rico and of the transition from Spanish to American rule. Its annotated bibliography identifies various relevant sources.

The War and its aftermath

Berbusse, Edward J. The United States in Puerto Rico, 1898-1900. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1966. [HPR ] The first part of the study studies Puerto Rico under Spanish rule during the nineteenth century. The second deals with the early years under U.S. sovereignty. Its rich bibliography includes official and private manuscript sources, government documents, references to other studies, and a listing of relevant periodicals and newspapers.

Bothwell, Reece B., and Lidio Cruz Monclova. ¿Los documentos..? ¿Qué dicen? San Juan: Ediciones de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, 1960. [HPR ; A microfilm copy is also available in *ZAN-3020 no. 001474] The book is a compilation of documents and lectures important to the study of Puerto Rico's political history. The documents included were produced between 1887 and 1899, and many are directly related to the Spanish-American War.

Coll y Toste, Cayetano. La invasión americana en Puerto Rico. San Juan: [s. n.], 1985. [HPR 89-1324] A collection of articles about the U. S. invasion of Puerto Rico written by a Puerto Rican intellectual from that time period. Contains some photographs.

Fernández Aponte, Irene. El cambio de soberanía en Puerto Rico: otro '98. Madrid: Editorial MAPFRE, 1992. [HPR 94-714] Comprehensive analysis of the socioeconomic transformations that took place in Puerto Rico as a result of the sovereignty change and of its competing interpretations. Includes an annotated bibliography and biographical notes of individuals who were prominent during the covered years. Contains photographs.

Herrman, Karl Stephen. A Recent Campaign in Puerto Rico by the Independent Regular Brigade Under the Command of Brig. General Schwan. Boston: E. H. Bacon, 1907. [ILG] The 1900 edition of this title is available on microfilm [*ZH-626] under the title From Yauco to Las Marías: being a story of the recent campaign…

Luque de Sánchez, María Dolores. La ocupación norteamericana y la Ley Foraker: la opinión pública puertorriqueña. Rio Piedras: Editorial Universitaria, Universidad de Puerto Rico, 1979. [HPR 93-3330]

Picó, Fernando. 1898, la guerra después de la guerra. Rio Piedras: Ediciones Huracán, 1987. [HPR 88-949] A study of social conflict in Puerto Rico in the period immediately after the U. S. invasion of the island. The bibliography covers archival sources, documents, books, and a list of Puerto Rican and U. S. newspapers used for the study.

Rivero Méndez, Angel. Crónica de la guerra hispano americana en Puerto Rico. RioPiedras: Editorial Edil, 1972. [ILG 74-906] A chronicle of the Spanish-American War in Puerto Rico very rich in photographs and illustrations. The appendix includes the text of several documents related to the military conflict.

Rosario Natal, Carmelo. Puerto Rico y la crisis de la Guerra Hispanoamericana (1895-1898). Rio Piedras: Editorial Edil, 1989. [HPR 90-353] A study of the sociopolitical circumstances in Puerto Rico during the years that preceded the Spanish-American War. Its rich bibliography includes bibliographic aids, published and unpublished documents, periodical articles, newspapers, books, and other sources.

Soto, Juan B. Causas y consecuencias, antecedentes diplomáticos y efectos de la guerra hispanoamericana. San Juan: La Correspondencia de Puerto Rico, 1922. [ILG] The last chapters discuss the political circumstances existing in Puerto Rico before and after the Spanish-American War.

Further research

Anuario bibliográfico puertorriqueño: índice alfabético de libros, folletos, revistas y periódicos publicados en Puerto Rico. Rio Piedras, 1948-. [JFL 76-537 and on microfilm in *ZAN-3020 no.000001-000009] An annual listing of works published in or about Puerto Rico and works by Puerto Ricans, wherever published. Includes books, pamphlets, and newspapers. The last issue, published in 1982, covered the years 1973 and 1974.

University of Puerto Rico. Social Science Research Center. Bibliografía puertorriqueña de ciencias sociales. Rio Piedras: Editorial Universitaria, 1977. [*RS-HPR 97-13937 Tomo 1-2] Extensive bibliography covering works published between 1931 and 1960. Lists articles on the Spanish-American War and related subjects.

Castro Arroyo, María de los Angeles, et. al. Los primeros pasos: una bibliografía para empezar a investigar la historia de Puerto Rico. Rio Piedras: Ediciones Huracán, 1994. [HPR 95-15012] A comprehensive guide to historical research on Puerto Rico covering both primary and secondary sources. Includes a list of relevant periodicals published in Puerto Rico and the rest of the Americas.

Cevallos, Elena E. Puerto Rico. Oxford: Clio, 1985. [*RS-HPR 92-7905] Provides an annotated list of sources for the study of Puerto Rican history as well as other subjects. Also lists Puerto Rican newspapers and periodicals.

Fowlie-Flores, Fay. Annotated Bibliography of Puerto Rican Bibliographies. New York: Greenwood Press, 1990. [*RS-HPR 90-4454] This comprehensive annotated bibliography of bibliographies covers general works and special topics including diverse areas of Puerto Rican history.

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Puerto Rican Research Resources Center. The Puerto Ricans: an annotated bibliography. New York: Bowker, 1973. [*R-IEE (Puerto Ricans) 75-1828 and *RS-HPR 75-772] Annotated list of reference sources on all subjects related to Puerto Rico including its history from pre-Columbian times to the recent past. Covers monographs, periodical literature, government documents, and audiovisual materials.

Tesauro de datos históricos de Puerto Rico. 5 vols. Rio Piedras: Editorial de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, 1990-. [HPR 91-486] Most important source for the in-depth study of Puerto Rican history. Indexes books, reports, journals, newspapers, and other materials. A section in volume 2 deals exclusively with the Spanish-American War.

Illustration from: Miller, Paul G. Historia de Puerto Rico. New York: Rand McNally, 1939. Photographic Services & Permissions