The Spanish-American War

The Philippines

General works
The War and its aftermath
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General works

Agoncillo, Teodoro A., and Oscar M. Alfonso. A Short History of the Filipino People. Quezon City: University of the Philippines, 1960. [JFE 78-1948] College level Philippine history textbook ending with the decade following WW II. Offers a condensed account of events before, during, and after the Spanish-American War. Includes readings from original documents and a discussion of selected references for each chapter.

Ileto, Reynaldo Clemena. Pasyon and Revolution: popular movements in the Philippines, 1840-1910. Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University Press, 1979. [JFE 86-391]

Constantino, Renato. A History of the Philippines: from the Spanish colonization to the Second World War. New York: Monthly Review Press, 1975. [JFD 77-9098] Aims to present a Filipino version of their history. Besides dealing with specific historical figures and events, discusses the social forces, conflicts, and developments that shaped the history of the islands.

Fernández, Alejandro M. The Philippines and the United States: the forging of new relations. Quezon City: NSDB-UP Integrated Research Program, 1977. [ICM (Philippines) 80-1165] The introductory chapters discuss and evaluate the Spanish and American colonial experiences from the Filipino perspective. The bibliography includes a listing of bibliographic aids, manuscript collections and archival materials, government publications, books, journal and newspaper titles, as well as specific periodical articles.

Forbes, W. Cameron. The Philippine Islands. Rev. ed. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1945. [JFD 96-10137] Written by the U.S. appointed governor of the Philippines from 1909 to 1913, the book includes, among other topics, a description of the islands, a summary of their history up to the American occupation, and some chapters dealing with the operation of the different administrative departments of the colonial government. Contains photographs.

Guerrero, Marietta E., trans. From Revolution to a Second Colonization: the Philippines under Spain and the United States. Manila: National Historical Institute, 1990. [JFE 93-11606] Includes four scholarly essays on the subject and many photographs.

Grunder, Garel A., and William E. Livezey. The Philippines and the United States. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1951. [BFF (Grunder, G.A.)] A study on the origins and evolution of U.S. policy toward the Philippines from the first years of the American occupation to the islands' attainment of independence. A particularly valuable feature of the bibliography is its listing of U.S. and Philippine official publications related to the subject.

Guillermo, Artemio R., and May Kyi Win. Historical Dictionary of the Philippines. London: Scarecrow Press, 1997. [*R-BFF 97-7616] The main component of this work is a survey of events, people, places and organizations that have influenced Philippine history. A comprehensive bibliography covers major works on the islands, as well as bibliographies, statistical sources, guidebooks, handbooks, directories, and biographies. Also provides a general overview of broad topics such as history, politics, and government.

Schirmer, B. & Stephen Rosskamm Shalom, eds. The Philippines Reader: a history of colonialism, neocolonialism, dictatorship, and resistance. Boston: South End Press, 1987. [*R-BFF 91-7457]

Stanley, Peter W., ed. Reappraising an Empire: new perspectives on Philippine-American history. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1984. [ICM (Philippines) 85-2973] This collection of essays seeks to reevaluate traditional interpretations of the history of the relationship between the Philippines and the United States. The notes to each essay may suggest additional primary and secondary sources of information on the subject.

The War and its aftermath

Faust, Karl Irving. Campaigning in the Philippines. New York: Arno Press, 1970. [ILG 71-710] Describes U. S. military campaigns in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War and against Filipino insurgents up to 1899. Contains many photographs, some maps, and biographical information on U. S. military officers involved in the campaign.

Halle, Louis Joseph. The United States Acquires the Philippines: consensus vs. reality. Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 1985. [ICM (Philippines) 86-2464]

Wilcox, Marrion., ed. Harper's History of the War in the Philippines. Manila: Felta Book Sales, 1979. [ILG+ 81-162] Exact reproduction of the original 1900 edition. Contains hundreds of photographs and illustrations. Includes a listing of American volunteer soldiers involved in the conflict.

Kalaw, Teodore Manguiat. The Philippine Revolution. Kawilihan: Jorge B. Vargas Filipiniana Foundation, 1969. [JFL 74-5121] This is a reproduction of Kalaw's own English translation of his 1924 book. Narrates the events that constituted the Philippine revolution from its birth during the last decade of Spanish rule until its end some years after the American occupation. Includes a chronology of events as well as a brief bibliography.

Karnow, Stanley. In our Image: America's empire in the Philippines. New York: Random House, 1989. [*R-BFF 91-7455 and JFE 89-1652] Examines the U. S. colonial experience in the Philippines and its legacy. The author's notes organize numerous information sources on the Philippines by subject and time period. Includes photographs, maps, and a chronology of major events in Philippine history.

King, W. Nephew. The Story of the Spanish-American War and the Revolt in the Philippines. New York: Peter Fenelon Collier & Son, 1900. [ILG+] This original edition contains hundreds of photographs and illustrations.

LeRoy, James A. The Americans in the Philippines; a history of the conquest and first years of occupation, with an introductory account of the Spanish rule. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1914. [Vol. 1 in JFL 97-223; vol. 2 in *RR-BFF]

March, Alden. The History and Conquest of the Philippines and Our Other Island Possessions. New York: Arno Press, 1970. [ILG 72-341] This reprint of the 1899 edition tells the history of the Philippines and the other colonies involved in the Spanish-American conflict from the point of the American conquerors. Contains several photographs and other illustrations.

May, Glenn Anthony. Battle for Batangas: a Philippine province at war. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1991. [JFE 91-3621]

Miller, Stuart Creighton. Benevolent Assimilation: the American conquest of the Philippines, 1899-1903. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1982. [JFE 84-1251] Studies the first years of the American occupation of the Philippines. Its rich bibliography provides, in addition to articles, books and reports, a list of manuscript collections, newspapers, periodicals, and public documents containing information related to the subject. Includes illustrations and two maps.

Stanley, Peter W. A Nation in the Making: the Philippines and the United States, 1899-1921. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1974. [JFE 74-1061] An interpretation of the colonial relationship between the Philippines and the U. S., also dealing with the history of the islands during the Spanish colonial period. The bibliography includes manuscript sources as well as books and journal articles.

Storey, Moorfield, and Marcial P. Lichauco. The Conquest of the Philippines by the United States, 1898-1925. New York: G.P. Putnam's sons, 1926. [BFF] Early critical interpretation of U. S. policy towards the Philippines up to 1925. Some chapters deal with the Spanish-American War and the subsequent conflict in the islands. The references provided at the end of each chapter reveal a considerable number of primary sources.

Williams, Daniel R. The United States and the Philippines. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, Page & Co., 1925. [JFD 96-10138 or BFF] An early review of the U. S. occupation of the Philippines which seeks to justify the role played by the colonial government during its first decades in control of the islands. Does not include references, but contains some maps including one showing the "territory occupied by non-Christian tribes of the Philippines."

Further research

Golay, Frank H., and Marianne H. Hauswedell. An Annotated Guide to Philippine Serials. Data paper no.101. Ithaca, N.Y.: Department of Asian Studies, Cornell University, 1976. [M-10 1061 no.101] Extensive annotated list of Philippine serials available at the Southeast Asia Collection of the Cornell University Library. Includes some entries from the Spanish colonial period and some issued by agencies of the U. S. government during the period when the islands were U. S. colonies.

Library of Congress. Bibliography of the Philippine Islands. Ermita Manila: National Historical Institute, 1994. [JFE 96-3004 or BFD (U.S. Library of Congress)] First printed in 1903, this work consists of two parts. The first one is a list of books (with references to periodicals) and maps in the Library of Congress. The second part, "Biblioteca Filipina" by Dr. Pardo de Tavera, is a bibliography particularly strong on works produced in Spain and the Philippines.

Saito, Shiro, and Alice W. Mak. Philippine Newspapers: an international union list. Honolulu: Center for Asian and Pacific Studies, University of Hawaii, 1984. [JFF 86-162] Provides a list of Philippine newspapers (432 in total) located in over thirty repositories in the U. S., the Philippines, Canada, England, and Australia. In addition to the title index, newspapers are listed by their place of publication and by repository location.

Saito, Shiro. Philippine-American Relations: a guide to manuscript sources in the United States. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1982. [JFE 83-722] Describes a large number of primary sources that are available in repositories around the U. S. These sources date from the Spanish colonial period to the granting of independence to the islands in 1946. Three separate indexes organize the data by names and subjects, repository location (by state), and chronological order.

Saito, Shiro. Philippine Research Materials and Library Resources: an overview. Honolulu: Asian Studies Program, University of Hawaii, 1973. [JFF 79-1035] Research guide for the identification and location of retrospective research materials on the Philippines, primarily from 1898 to 1970. Covers a variety of library materials that are available in the U. S. or the Philippines.

Illustration from: King, W. Nephew. The Story of the Spanish-American War and the Revolt in the Philippines, New York: P.F. Collier & Son, 1900. Photographic Services & Permissions