The Spanish-American War

A Guide to the Collections
of the Humanities and Social Sciences Library

This guide, which accompanied the exhibit A War in Perspective, 1898-1998: Public Appeals, Memory, and the Spanish-American Conflict (on view March 28-August 29, 1998), provides a selection of materials available through the Research Libraries of The New York Public Library. The guide is intended to lead the reader interested in the Spanish-American War, to materials in the General Research Division and the United States History, Local History and Genealogy Division. These divisions' collections on Latin American and U.S. history, respectively, are among the most comprehensive in the country; Iberian and Filipino history are also strongly represented in the collections. The reader will find not only books, but also pamphlets, government documents, newspapers, magazines, and electronic and Internet resources.

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Illustration from: King, W. Nephew. The Story of the Spanish-American War and the Revolt in the Philippines, New York: P.F. Collier & Son, 1900. Photographic Services & Permissions

Research guide prepared by Fernando Acosta-Rodriguez, Denise Hibay and Robert Kent, General Research Division.