Using the Catalogs

General instructions for locating materials are given in the Research Guide, How Do I Find a Book?. The following information is specific to the topic at hand.

The basic subject headings for psychology in both the retrospective Dictionary Catalog and in CATNYP, the online catalog, include the following terms:


In the Dictionary Catalog, most of these terms provide cross references to more specific headings. In addition, works by and about prominent writers in the field can be found by looking under their names.

In addition to those above, subject headings for CATNYP, including cross references and broader, narrower or related terms, can be found by using the Library of Congress Subject Headings available at the Information Desk in Room 315. Searching for works by and about a specific theorist can be achieved by performing, respectively, author and subject searches on the name.

All works listed in this bibliography that have call numbers beginning with *R, *RB, *RR or *RS are found on the open shelves in the Main Reading Rooms. Others are paged by the staff.