Native American Studies

Using The Catalog

Red Cloud's war bonnet, Dougla... Digital ID: 807171. New York Public Library

You will find that the Library’s Dictionary Catalog and its online catalog, CATNYP, both use the following heading in place of the terms Native Americans and American Indians:

Indians of North America

In addition you will find the following relevant terms for subject searching:

Algonquian Indians
American Literature – Indian authors
Athapascan Indians
Autobiography – Indian authors
Caddoan Indians
  Use also:  Inuit
Indian Arts – North America
Off-Reservation Indians
Ojibwa Indians
Piegan Indians
Reservation Indians
Shoshoni Indians
Tinne Indians
United States – Civilization – Indian influences

You may also look for specific tribal groups by their name, such as:

Apache Indians
   Narrower topic:  Mescalero Indians
Navajo Indians

In addition to those noted above, subject headings for the online catalogue, including cross references and broader, narrower or related terms, can be found by using the Library of Congress Subject Headings available in Room 315.