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Call Number: 2010-0410

Date: 04/10/2010
Additional Date Information:

Event: Dinner menu; Landscapes of Quarantine: The Banquet
Sponsored by: Storefront for Art and Architecture
at: Storefront for Art and Architecture: Landscapes of Quarantine, The Banquet - 97 Kenmare Street
City: New York
State: NEW YORK (NY)

Type of Occasion:
Type of Venue: OTHER,,,Non-profit organization for art and architecture gallery
Type of Organization:

Physical Description: Broadside 14 x 8 1/2 Inches; White with black and white photos; Menu includes Six courses with pictures of contagious diseases to accompany each course description; Menu printed on one side; Quarantine symbol on top left; Bug on top right
Notes: At it’s most basic; quarantine is a strategy of separation, containment and isolation — the creation of a hygienic boundary between two or more things, for the purpose of protecting one from exposure to the other. Typically, quarantine is thought of in the context of disease control. But quarantine should not be considered only in that context. Hence our exploration of its myriad applications, culinary among them.
Language: ENGLISH
Keywords: Contagious disease
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