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Call Number: Baratta 162 oversized

Date: 10/24/1959
Additional Date Information: Saturday; Thursday (10/15/1959)

Event: dinner
Sponsored by: Mon Plaisir; The Drake
at: Mon Plaisir; The Drake; Park Avenue at 56th Street
City: New York
State: NEW YORK (NY)

Type of Occasion:
Type of Venue: RESTAURANT
Type of Organization: COMMERCIAL

Physical Description: folder (with insert); red cord binding; uneven edge; creased (width-wise)
Notes: Baratta collection; Serge Obolensky présente Le Diner De Gala Pour L'Ouverture Mon Plaisir Jeudi 15 Octobre 1959; Monsieur Nino Schiavon (Maître d'Hotel); Monsieur Paul Hugonnet (Maître des Cuisines); served 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.; Notre Chef Monsieur Paul Presente les specialties du jour (specialties of the day); wines; a la carte options; illustration (cover); color (pink, red, blue, green, yellow);
Language: FRENCH
Keywords: Baratta; dinner; a la carte; French; illustrations; color; oversized
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