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Call Number: Baratta 36

Date: 05/12/1959
Additional Date Information: Tuesday

Event: lunch
Sponsored by: The Warwick Hotel
at: The Warwick Hotel
City: Philadelphia

Type of Occasion:
Type of Organization: COMMERCIAL

Physical Description: folder; 9.75 x 12.5 inches; food stains
Notes: Baratta collection; annotated; color (cover, interior, verso); illustrations (cover, interior, verso); Dining Distinction by Holiday Magazine, 1958; low calorie luncheon; "Ladies Prefer"; "Gentlemen Prefer"; Warwick specialties: Shrimp Lamaze, Shrimp Salad Lamaze, Alaska Warwick Strawberry Ice Cream Pie; "The Warwick Cellars"; extensive wine list
Language: ENGLISH
Keywords: Baratta; lunch; wines; illustrations; color; flowers; awards
Digital Image ID: