Modern European History

Using the Catalogs

General instructions for locating materials are given in the Research Guide, How Do I Find a Book?. The following information is specific to the topic at hand.

In the Dictionary Catalog, for works on the history of Europe as a whole, see the heading Europe--History, subdivided by time period. For works on individual countries, see the subheading --History under the country name:

    Great Britain--History

There are also chronological subdivisions corresponding to the political development of each country. Other subheadings to use under individual country names are

    --Social Conditions
    --Social Life
    --Intellectual Life
    --Kings And Rulers
    --Foreign Relations

Works on the development of economic conditions are grouped together in the Dictionary Catalog under the main heading Economic History, which is then subdivided by region or country.

Subject terms in CATNYP are similar but not identical to those used in the Dictionary Catalog, and correspond to the Library of Congress Subject Headings, found in the red volumes next to the CATNYP terminals.

LCSH gives numerous subheadings under the main heading Europe, including

    --Economic Conditions
    --Social Conditions
    --Politics And Government

Each of these subheadings has specific chronological subdivisions, such as

    Europe History 1815-1848
    Europe Social Conditions 1789-1900
    Europe Civilization 20th Century

Also consult LCSH under the names of individual countries for specific subheadings and dates to use in subject searches, such as

    Austria History 1867-1918
    Great Britain Economic Conditions 1918-1945
    Germany Revolution 1848-1849
    France Second Republic 1848-1852