Modern European History

Retrospective Bibliography

Foreign Affairs 5-Year Bibliography: New Evaluations of Significant Books on International Relations 1920-1970, edited by Byron Dexter. (New York: published for the Council on Foreign Relations by R.R. Bowker, 1972). *RS-B 91-7360. This volume represents a highly selective listing of over 2,000 books on history, diplomacy, international law and organizations, and political and economic affairs. Entries were culled from the Foreign Affairs Bibliography, published at 10-year intervals by the Council on Foreign Relations. Each entry has an extensive annotation explaining its status as a "landmark" book "significant for an understanding of the development of ideas and events of the period." An appendix lists important collections of government documents published since the 1920s: official histories of the World Wars, lists of treaties, and diplomatic records.

Roach, John, ed. Bibliography of Modern History. (Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 1968). *RS-BAF 76-3707. This volume was compiled to accompany the New Cambridge Modern History, which began appearing in 1957; sections are keyed to NCMH volumes and chapters. Section C covers the time period 1793-1945 and is broken down into subject areas as follows: 1) Economic and Social Conditions 2) Intellectual Life, Literature, Science and Education 3) Religion; Social and Political Institutions 4) Art of War 5) Politics of the European States 6) Histories of Separate Countries and Regions (including Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa). Entries are highly selective and include only secondary material, with no references to manuscript or other primary sources. Articles are excluded and annotations are few. Cut-off date for inclusion is generally 1962.