Modern European History


The list below represents NYPL's holdings, primarily on microfilm, for a number of European newspapers; however, it is not a complete list of our newspaper collection. Please consult a librarian in Room 315 for more information about newspaper holdings.



Le Soir. Brussels. Daily. 1949-1976; 1977- date (incomplete) *ZY.


Times. London. Daily. 1785-date. *ZY.

Sunday Times. London. November 1822-date *ZY.

Clarion. London. Weekly. January 7, 1893-December 26, 1913 (incomplete) *ZY 90-31.

Courier and Evening Gazette. London. Daily except Sunday. January 2, 1796-December 31, 1803 (incomplete) *ZY.

Examiner, a Sunday paper on politics, domestic economy and theatricals (subtitle varies). London. Weekly. January 3, 1808-February 26, 1881 *ZAN-591/7E.

Pall Mall Gazette. London. Daily. February 7, 1865-October 27, 1923 *ZY.


La Figaro. Paris. Daily. 1880-1882; 1953-date *ZY. 1880-1952 *A (incomplete).

Le Fronde, journal feministe. Paris. Daily. December 9, 1897-December 1, 1903 *ZY 90-28.

Humanit; organe centrale du Parti communiste français. Paris. Daily. September 10, 1906-1924; 1932-1933; 1949-date: *ZY. 1926-1948: *A.

Le Monde. Paris. Daily. December 19, 1944-date *ZY 77-9; current issues available in Room 108.

New York Herald Tribune. Paris. European Edition October 4, 1887-June 3, 1940; December 22, 1944-December 5, 1966 *ZY. (filmed with this title is December 6-30, 1966 of the International Herald Tribune)

International Herald Tribune. Paris. Daily. 1967-date (incomplete) *ZY.

La Réforme; journal politique, commercial, judiciare et littéraire. Paris. July 29, 1843-January 12, 1850 (incomplete) *ZY.

Le Socialiste. Paris. Weekly. 1885-1913 (incomplete) *ZAN-T604.


Allgemeine Zeitung. Augsburg. Daily. August 3, 1841-December 31, 1855; January 1877 - December 31, 1922. *ZY 73-1.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Frankfurt. Daily. 1967-date. *ZY; current issues available in Room 108.

Der Tagesspiegel. Berlin. Daily. 1949-date *ZY.

Vorwärts, Berliner Volksblatt. Zentralorgan der sozialdemokratischen Partei Deutschlands. Daily. 1891-February 1933 *ZY. Continued by: Neuer Vorwärts; sozialdemokratisches Wochenblatt. June 18, 1933-May 5, 1940. SFA+ Neuer Vorwärts; Zentralorgan der sozialdemokratischen Partei Deutschlands. Weekly. September 11, 1948-1954. *ZAN-T16.

Vorwärts; sozialdemokratische Wochenzeitung. 1955-April 30, 1989 *ZAN-T400.

Die Zeit; Wochenzeitung für Politik, Wirtschaft, Handel und Kultur. February 21, 1946-1951 *DF+++ (Zeit) 1952-date. *ZAN-817.


Avanti; organo del Partito socialista italiano. Weekly. 1929-1940 (incomplete) *ZAN-107.

Corriere della Sera. Milan. Daily. June 28, 1914-date (incomplete) *ZY; current issues available in Room 108.

Giornale d'Italia. Rome. December 1938-June 7, 1944 (incomplete); 1949 *ZY.

Gazetta di Venezia. Venice. Daily. 1847-September 1851; 1852-1854; 1856-June 1920 *ZY.


La Epoca. Madrid. Daily. January 2, 1870-July 1936. *ZY.

El Sol. Madrid. Daily. December 1917-November 2, 1936 *ZY 72-1.

La Voz de España. San Sebastian. Daily except Monday. July 16, 1939-August 17, 1944 (incomplete) *ZY.


Freie Zeitung; unabhägiges Organ für demokratische Politik. Bern. Semiweekly. 1917- 1920 *ZY

Neue Zürcher Zeitung und Schweizerisches Handelsblatt. Zürich. Daily. July 1900-1909; 1914-1916; 1951-date: *ZY. 1916-1950: *A; current issues available in Room 108.