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Locating Poems
General Poetry Resources

Locating Poems

Columbia Granger's World of Poetry [electronic resource]

Contains the full text of many classic poems, as well as quotations and anthology citations. Many of the included poems contain commentaries, bibliographies, and author biographies.

Poem Finder [electronic resource]

Locates individual poems or the work of particular poets. Currently offers 750,000 indexed poems and 70,000 full-text poems. Poem Finder is international in scope and provides coverage of well-known anthologized poems, in-depth coverage and complete works of many poets, and the latest poetry in periodicals.

General Poetry Resources

Alexander, Harriet Semmes American and British poetry: a guide to the criticism (Athens, Ohio: Swallow Press, 1984) *R-RMRR PS303 .A44 1984

Covers 1925-1978. Alphabetical arrangements by poet; individual poem title; authors of critical articles. Only poems of a thousand lines or less have been included. Usually only criticism of the entire poem is considered, except in a few significant cases where (P) following the citation indicates only a partial explanation.

Companion to twentieth-century poetry / Neil Roberts, ed. (Oxford; Malden, Mass.: Blackwell Publishers, 2001). *R-RMRR PR601 .C56 2001

Substantive essays on various topics, movements, and poets in the area of twentieth-century poetry. Each essay contains a useful, select bibliography.

Gingerich, Martin E. Contemporary poetry in America and England, 1950-1975: a guide to information sources (Detroit: Gale Research Co., 1983) *R-RMRR PS303 .G56 1983

Highly selective, annotated bibliography of English-language studies. Divided into eight sections: bibliographies and reference works, contemporary culture and sociology, aesthetics and poetic theory, general studies of poetry and poets, general studies of American poets and literature, general studies of British poets and literature, studies of two or more poets, and listings for individual poets (roughly two-thirds are American).

Encyclopedia of American poetry: the nineteenth century / Haralson, Eric L. (Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn, 1998). *R-RMRR PS316 .E53 1998

Encyclopedia of American poetry: the twentieth century / Haralson, Eric L. (Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn, 2001). *R-RMRR PS323.5 .E53 2001

Both volumes include biographical entries on individual poets, with a critical treatment of their poetic achievements; entries on particular landmark poems; entries on major poetry topics offering in-depth analysis.

Guide to American poetry explication (Boston, Mass.: G. K. Hall, 1989), 2v., *R-RMRR PS201 .G85 1989

Vol. 1 Colonial and Nineteenth Century; Vol. 2 Modern and Contemporary. Set lists extensive bibliographic sources, including articles, books, and interviews covering a single poet. Poets are listed alphabetically by last name; under author headings are lists of particular works; and under poem titles, article citations are arranged by the critics' last names. Coverage is through 1987.

Martinez, Nancy C. Guide to British poetry explication (Boston: G. K. Hall, 1991-1995), 4v., *R-RMRR PR311 .M34 1991

Vol. 1 Old English – Medieval; Vol. 2 Renaissance; Vol. 3 Restoration – Romantic; Vol. 4 Victorian - Contemporary. The arrangement of this work is similar to the Guide to American poetry explication. Coverage extends through 1992.

New Cambridge bibliography of English literature / George Watson, ed. (Cambridge, Eng.: University Press, 1969-1977) 5v., *R-RMRR PR83 .N45 1969

Provides the best single list of modern poetry studies through approximately 1950. Each volume represents a different literary period; each period is then divided into categories such as poetry, the novel, drama, prose, etc. The poetry section is further split into general works and individual poets, and both parts are then more extensively subdivided into bibliographies, primary works, secondary materials, etc. Consult the index volume (vol. 5) for the most complete coverage. The work can be supplemented by Guide to British poetry explication, vol. 4, and Contemporary poetry in England and America, 1950-1975.

Poetry criticism (Detroit: Gale Research Co., 1991- ) *JFM 00-127

Contains extracts from selected critical articles. Indexing available through the cumulative index in the latest volume of Contemporary literary criticism , or the Contemporary authors cumulative index.