BOOKS: Sources for Book Values and Book Collecting

Internet Sites Related to Book Collecting

  • AIC Guidelines for Selecting a Conservator
    Information from the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works on how to select a conservation practitioner. Contact information for the AIC office is given; on request, they will provide a geographic listing of conservators, by specialization, who can provide the type of service required.

  • Bookfinder
    Simultaneously searches several online bookstores. Provides a comparative overview of current bookseller’s pricing.

  • Books and Book Collecting
    Comprehensive collection of links to sites and resources related to book collecting.

  • Book Information Website
    Covers history of printing, publishing, paper, binding, book trade, etc., with related links.

  • Oxford University Early Printed Books Project
    Gateway to the world of early printed books. Links to libraries, special collections, web exhibitions, and other information resources.

  • Fine Printing
    Brings together some basic documents related to British and American private presses of the 19th and 20th centuries. Selected links to other bibliophilic sites on the Web.

  • “Your Old Books”
    Essay guide covering frequently asked questions about rare books and values such as “What makes a book rare?” and “How can I be sure that a dealer will give me a fair price?”